An Example Marionette App

November 2015

I built a quick Marionette.js application that uses Spotify’s API for data. Passport is used to authenticate with Spotify. The app is developed in CoffeeScript. The project is located on GitHub. The app itself is located at

What’s On Tap? – A Phonegap App

March 2014

What’s On Tap? is a modular web app built using Backbone.js and organized with RequireJS. BreweryDB provides brewery data including location information, geo coordinates, beer lists, and beer labels. The application uses Node.js and Grunt to build both the Android and iOS native PhoneGap application.

Backbone.js Stock Portfolio

February 2013

Backbone.js Stock Portfolio is a result of my first adventure with Backbone.js. The project started off as a sandbox and turned into a small mobile app. The app uses the Yahoo Query Language to retrieve up-to-date stock data. localStorage saves transaction history and allows a user to track their portfolio's performance.

zAccordion – A jQuery Plugin

December 2010

zAccordion is a horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery. It is free, open source, and ships with many customizable options. The latest version supports all modern browsers and works with a responsive design.